Introduction: Halo Plasma Grenade Cake

What is it the ppl on the radio always says?  "long time listener, first time caller" that's me.  I have been a fan/user of instructables for a while, but this is my very first post.  so be gentle when the time comes for comment making. 

Step 1: Tools and Ingredients

for 8 grenades, you will need:
1 box of your fave cake mix/1 cake recipe(if you prefer home made)
1 can of your fave frosting
2 lbs fondant , you will need lots of blue and a little(4.5 oz )reddish purple( i got my recipe from but you can buy it if        you want) you won't use it all but it's better to have more than you will need
1 bottle green egg shaped sprinkles (got mine around easter at a big box store, but you can sub in any green candy or decorating icing)
bowls and spoons for mixing
cake pan
rolling pin
3/4 cup measuring cup
powdered sugar

optional but helpful:
a helper to sort out your green egg sprinkles from the rest of the spring sprinkles mix
an electric mixer
box covered with foil

absolutely must have:
recipient(halo fan) who will immediately recognize how awesome these grenades are and have the appropriate freak out response

Step 2: That's the Way the Cake Crumbles..

i might have that saying wrong....
oh well, bake your cake according to what ever your recipe/box calls for then wait for it to cool enough so you can touch it without burning your hands.
then dump that bad boy in your big ol bowl and crumble it up good
we're looking for no chunks bigger than peas here

Step 3: Mushy Goodness

now you dump your can o frosting in the bowl, and mix well, it will make a nice moist dough like mushiness

Step 4: Begin Grenade Assembly

now you're ready for assembly.
for this step you'll need your rolling pin and mat, the fondant, powdered sugar, 3/4 cup measuring cup, mushy cake stuff.
first lightly sprinkle some sugar on your mat
drop a handful of dough on the mat, and roll it out to about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch thickness, it should be about 5 inches across
scoop 3/4 cup of cakey mix into your hands and shape into a ball.  (if you are making this cake somewhere with high humidity, i have learned that freezing your cake balls before you wrap them helps them hold their shape better)
place the ball in the middle of your flattened fondant
wrap the fondant around the cake ball, pinching the edge to seal, then roll it around in your hands to smooth out and hide the seals
patch any tears with extra fondant
set this one aside and repeat until you have used up the cake
it's ok to have a little cake leftover, in fact if you have a helper now is a good time to pay him/her off with mushy cake tastiness

Step 5: Add the Activation Buttons

now you need your reddish purple fondant (about 4.5 oz)
cut into 8 peices
roll it out so it longer than wide and shape with your hands
lay it on the plasma ball and smooth it on
repeat for the others

Step 6: Final Details

stick on the green decorations
i used a shot glass to add texture
four "lights" on each side of the grenade

Step 7: Serve Up the Sticky Bombs

i made a box for my grenade out of more cake and left over fondant. 
served it up for my baby brother's 23rd birthday, His friends declared me the best sister ever!
as you can see, the reactions were worth the effort.
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