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Introduction: Halogen Bounce Light

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I built a simple 'Bounce Light' using a 500 Watt Halogen lamp fitted within a reflector formed by an old cooking dish.

This light when bounced of the roof and walls of a small room provides suitable illumination for photography of small objects.

Step 1: The Sub-asemblies

An old standard lamp wooden base, two concentric electrical conduit pipes, 4 cycle spokes and an old cooking dish make up the parts of this bounce lamp.

Electrical power is connected through a twin-line cable and 2-pin plug.

Step 2: Sample Photographs

The first photo taken under ambient lighting conditions is dull and has shadows.

The second with the camera LED flash is very bright but the shadows are greater.

The third photo with the bounce-light is quite uniform.

* None of the photographs have been touched up.

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