Introduction: Hamburger Pie

Here's a family favorite I would like to share!

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients and Tools

You'll need:

- Hamburger buns

- Ground meat

- Onions (diced)

- Dill Pickles (diced)

- 2 Cheese slices

- Shredded cheese

- Margarine

- Milk

- Pie pan

- Skillet

- Spatula

- Butcher knife

Step 2: Step 2: Cook Your Ground Meat

In this step it is important that you break up the ground meat with the spatula in to crumbles while is cooking and add your desired seasonings.

Step 3: Step 3: Drain Your Meat and Add Diced Onions

After the meat has cooked through, drain the juice and the diced onions.

Step 4: Step 4: Add Flour (Optional)

if you want the "filling" to be on the thick side, you'd want to add 1 tablespoon of flour.

Step 5: Step 5: Add 1/2 Cup of Milk

Step 6: Step 6: Add 1/2 Cup of Pickle Juice

It may seem strange but it is hamburger pie, isn't? it gives it more of a hamburger taste.

Step 7: Step 7: Add Diced Pickles

Add the diced pickles to meat , then mix in.

Step 8: Step 8: Add Cheese Slices

Add the 2 cheese slices , or how ever many to make it as cheesy as you'd like it

Step 9: Step 9: Pre-heat Oven

Pre-heat your oven to 325

Step 10: Step 10: Grease Pie Pan

While you're pre-heating your oven , start on your "crust" by using the margarine to grease the pan .. sides and all.

Step 11: Step 11: Break Buns

in this step you will tearing the buns into small pieces so it covers the bottom and side of the pie pan.

Step 12: Step 12: Setting the Crust

After the bread is covering the pan, press down the bread to make sure its flat for filling.

Step 13: Step 13:Add the Filling

Step 14: Step 14: Spread the Filling

After the filling is in pan , use the spatula and gently spread the filling to cover the pan completely

Step 15: Step 15: Add Shredded Cheese

Evenly spread the cheese over the pie

Step 16: Step 16: Bake

Finally, Put the pie in the oven for about 15-25 so the cheese can melt and the crust can brown.