Hamburger Cake

Introduction: Hamburger Cake

where did i make this
i made a hamburger shaped cake. to make this i used cake mix food coloring eggs butter candies and frosting.
how did i make it
i got the idea for this  on YouTube i was looking at solar powered ovens and this video about how to make your own hamburger cake popped up.
where did i make this cake
i made this cake at home on a Friday night i really enjoyed making this cake because baking is something that i love doing at home.
what did you learn
this biggest challenge was getting the cake to stay together after it came out of the pan. the cake was fragil and i did not want it breaking on me so i had to be super careful when it came to icing the cake.

Step 1: Ingridients

Yellow cake mix (2)
Chocolate cake mix (1)
vanilla frosting(2)
chocolate frosting(1)
coco powder
yellow food coloring
red food coloring 
red candy
green candy

Step 2:

1)Make the cakes following the instructions on box or recipe.

2)Wait for the cake to cool.

Step 3:

3) separate one add coco powder and yellow food coloring in the other frosting and mix. this will be the bun color the vanilla frosting into two. place red food coloring in one and place yellow int another and then mix.
place yellow cake on plate and ice with bun color. repeat step with other yellow cake.
ice the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
place chocolate cake on top of one of the yellow cakes.
flatten the green and red candies.

Step 4:

place last yellow bun  on top of chocolate bun and frost it with the bun color frosting.

place yellow and red frosting on chocolate cake to look like mustard and ketchup.

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    9 years ago

    It looked a little sloppy to me, but good job!!!!!