Introduction: Hammer / Mallet

What do you do when you need to do some hammering but don't have a hammer? Make one yourself.
I needed to get a self taping screw started into an aluminum tube but didn't have a drill or hammer at hand. As I had a cool beverage in the fridge and some plaster of Paris from a previous project I thought I would just make something which would do the job.


Beverage can
Plaster of Paris

Step 1: Making It

1. Make sure the beverage can is empty, I poured the contents into a glass and drank it.

2. Make up some plaster of Paris

3. Pour the plaster of Paris into the empty aluminum can to about half way. This was easy for me as the can had a large opening. You may need to use a funnel.

4. Let the plaster of Paris set and then some.

Step 2: Using It.

After using my hammer/mallet to get the screw started I thought it would be useful to take camping to put in tent pegs, as it didn't take up much space and wasn't too heavy. While it did wack the pegs in I think on really hard ground more striking power would be an advantage. I have used it to tap back some pins which had come out on a kayak carrier and for this task it worked well. So it is probably more of a mallet than a hammer.

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