Introduction: Hand Carved Tsimsian Spoon

We had a carver come to town and he showed me how to carve a spoon and now I'm showing you.

Step 1: Materials

The only three things I needed were

  • card board
  • a carving knife (curved tip optional)
  • a piece of wood (I used alder)

Sorry, I thought to make my Instructable after I started carving

so, I don't have the block of wood but i do have the dimensions.

Step 2: Drawing

Draw the spoon on to your block of would include all lines, also draw the template on the the back of the spoon. Sorry, still an amateur.

Step 3: Carving

After the templates drawn on the spoon, start carving off chips/shavings until you reach the line.

Step 4: Rounding

Make sure to redraw your template on every time it fades away. When rounding, shave off the edges until its round and on the top half of the dotted line. Using the dotted center line, carve toward the tip of the spoon and then towards the handle on the other side of the dotted center line.

Step 5: Hollowing

carve out the center of the spoon spoon making each cut go in a different direction. carve until you have a deepness of you liking

Step 6: Sanding (optional)

you have to let it dry fully before you can sand.

Step 7: Your Done

thanks for reading my instructable, sorry if it was hard to understand.

Also i would really like your vote in the wood working contest

i would like to give William, (gamaash his tsimsean name.) credit for this project.

his carving page on Facebook is Ravendancer Creations

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