Introduction: Hand-Made MeArm

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I tried to make robotic arm that I can control with arduino and you can see the results.

In this instructable I am going to show you how to make MeArm and in other one I will show you how to control it in multiple ways.

You can find original project here: MeArm

Step 1: Template

If you have CNC machine you can cut this template with it but if you don't have it and you still want it you can make it same way I did.

First print template and cut paper parts.

Step 2: Materials

All you need is 4 servo motors and one A4 plywood size.

Step 3: Cut All Wooden Parts

Step 4: Connect Pesces

You will need 3mm screws or you can improvise like I did.

Step 5: Connect Joints

Step 6: Attach Catcher to the Joints

Step 7: Done

Now you can connect servos to arduino and control your MeArm and I will show you how to do it in next instructable.

+Bonus I made special part for pen so I can easily draw anything with my robot arm.

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