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Introduction: Hand Made Vacuum Cleaner From Paper

About: i m a first year student of Delhi Technological University. and i love making new things.

It is a hand made vacuum cleaner made from paper. it is a portable vacuum cleaner. and its suction power is great as i used it it can collect many types of dust and garbage like Thermocol waste, paper waste and some plastic waste. it can also used for cleaning the car dashboard, study table, computer table etc. it has a removable dust collector and rechargeable battery.

link for the video :- hand made vacuum cleaner vedio

link for the video :- https://youtu.be/j4QdxCmAr78

Step 1: Starting With Paper and Some Basic Paper Crafting Tool.

1. first take the different color paper sheets according to your favorite color.

2. you can choose single color also if u don't have different color.

3. the paper should hard as pastel sheets if you are unable to find A3 size color sheets then u can also purchase a single pastel sheet of a chart size it will be enough for that.

4. use craft glue for this for more strength.

Step 2: Drawing the Parts of Impeller

draw the parts for impeller

1. make four circles of same diameter(according to your preference) and cut a circle 1 cm less diameter from two circles.

2. for base make a circle 1 cm greater than the size of impeller

3. draw the blades of impeller according to your design i make of 3 cm and 5mm folded from both sides to stick.

4.for detailed process please watch the video

Step 3: Cutting the Parts and Pasting

cut all the parts for impeller and base of vacuum cleaner and pasting them

for detailed process please watch video.

Step 4: Making Impeller

after pasting all parts for impeller now we ill assemble the parts

1. first made all the blades for impeller by bending each blade in shape of L from both side shown in above step.

2. now paste all the blades to the impeller base according to the lines made in it.

3. now paste a plastic gear to the base of assembly for attaching the motor to it.

after that we paste all parts of impeller

4.for detailed process please watch the video

Step 5: Making Base for the Vacuum Cleaner

now paste the parts of base and parts of motor assembly

1. make a paper ring of same size of motor

2.paste that ring on the middle of the base

Step 6: Soldering Wires to the Motor and Connecting Battery, Motor to the Base

1.make the connection of motor as given in the circuit diagram

2.make a paper ring of motor size to connect the motor to the base.

3.make a paper stick by just folding of paper show in video

4.now connect the motor and battery together by the help of paper stick and some tape.

5.make a cylindrical tube to cover the motor and battery assembly. after inserting battery -motor assembly in tube attach it to the base.

6.make a paper ring to join the motor-battery assembly to the base.

Step 7: Attaching Impeller to the Base and Making Its Outer Covering

1. attach the impeller to the motor-battery assembly by gently pressing on it.

2. after that make the covering of impeller. cut three circles of same of base size of vacuum cleaner and cut the hole inside it same as hole of impeller u can make little bit big but don't make it small otherwise it reduces the power of suction.

3.now paste two of the circles together now cut the four strips as shown in images or video and paste them on circle in a way it makes a symbol of plus.

4.now paste the third circle over to the plus symbol as shown in images or vedio

5.after that paste this covering to the vacuum cleaner . make sure the covering should not at more height form the impeller 7mm to 10mm height is enough for that. if you apply this covering at more height the suction power will be low.

Step 8: Making of Suction Tube and Dust Collector

1.make a small cylindrical tube. It should be bigger 2mm to 3mm from the hole of covering of impeller.

2.To paste it on the covering of impeller make some flaps by making some cuts on one side of tube and after that open that flaps. and apply some glue and paste it on the covering.

3.now for the dust collector make a cylindrical tube of 1mm less diameter of the suction tube.

4.now at one end apply a piece of cloth ( use medical bandage ) or any other it should have net like structure. this cloth should have spacious pores. image of cloth shown in the steps or video.

5.make slant cut on other side of dust collector and stick a flap as shown in image or video.

6.now insert the dust collector in the suction tube and check its suction power by collecting some paper and thermocol waste.

Step 9: Final Video of Working and Making of Vacuum Cleaner Step by Step

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