Introduction: Robotic Hand Controlled by Gesture With Arduino + Leap Motion

About: Hello! My name is Alessio Sacchetta Cali and I'm an electronic engineer specialized in biomedical devices. I'm also a web developer, I worked for so long as freelancer and now I'm the co-founder and IT manage…

IMPORTANT: As promised I m making a full step by step instructions: CLICK HERE

Hello everyone, this is just a video about my university final project!

The hand is controlled by Leap Motion + Arduino Uno (Standard Firmata, Nodejs & Johnny Five) + Servo Motors and the hand itself was made with Polymorph. It can recognize each finger and it can move them separately with very good precision and sensibility!

This prototype can be controlled remotly too via a normal web server using ajax/json requests.

Let me know what you think about it and maybe I will publish a complete tutorial when I will have more time... Thank you!

--- Feedback from NASA ----------------------------------------------------

“ Your hand is very responsive and does a good job of showing how well your gesture control/recognition works. ”

Ron Diftler, Ph.D.
Robonaut Project Manager,
NASA/Johnson Space Center