Introduction: Hand Tool Build Off 2017

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This is my entry into the hand tool build off 2017!

I made a chisel from a piece of 2x4 .

Im also throwing in a strop i made and some polishing / stropping compound that i use.

A great project and i love how its turned out , im a little gutted to give it away but if your just starting woodwork or using hand tools then this will hopefully be perfect for you. I know i would have killed for a sharp chisel and a way to keep it sharp when i 1st started.

To try get your hands on this check out the links below :-

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As Always I hope you enjoy!

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Step 1: Cut & Square

I started with an off cut from a 2x4 and lay the chisel blade out and traced a rough handle shape.

Then i cut out the rough shape and moved onto squaring it up

Step 2: Shape

Once i had it flat and square i went onto shaping it.

I didn't want just a normal round handle or a square handle so i went for an almost round one.

First i clamped it up in my vice so one of the 90 degree edges was facing up, and planed that down, i then rotated it 45 degrees and did the same.

Once it had no sharp 90 degree corners on i rotated about 22 degrees and planed both sides of the lines left.

Its really hard to explain but i have a video you can watch if you get stuck.

This left me with a sort of round shape but with about 16 or so sides ( i didn't count)

This felt great , it was round enough to feel comfortable but had enough grip on so the chisel wouldn't slip out of your hand (hopefully)

Step 3: Rasp & File

Next i moved onto the top of the chisel, i wanted it to slightly slope inwards towards the bade of the chisel, so i measured the very end of the chisel and use a rasp and file to round it over .

Step 4: Sand

Next is everyone's favorite , hand sanding!

The hand plane left a pretty good finish so i just sanded at 500 grit

Step 5: Restore Chisels

The chisels that i bought for this where not in the greatest shape so i used a wire wheel on the drill to smooth it out and get rid of any rust spots and machine marks, then i used 500 grit and 1,200 grit sand paper to give it a bit of a polish.

Step 6: Drill & Fit

Next was attaching the handle, i measured the chisel tang and used the same size drill bit to drill out a hole, and epoxy'ed the handle in place.

Step 7: Finish

For a finish i used 2 coats of spray lacquer, sanding at 500 grit in between coats, making sure i didn't get any on the blade.

Then i sharpened and stropped the blade to a razor sharp and mirror finish so its ready to use straight out of the box.

Step 8: Job Done

Thats it , job done.

The handle feels great in your hand (my hand anyway) and had a nice resting spot for your thumb so you can apply a lot of pressure pretty easily.

In with the chisel im giving the small strop i made and a bit off the polishing . stropping compound that i use so even if you dont have a whetstone or diamond stone you can keep the chisel razor sharp.

I had a great time making this and i like the style and feel so much im going to do the same on my own chisels.

I hope whoever ends up with it likes it as much as i do, just be careful the blade is ready to use so its very sharp!

check out these links to the competitions to try get your hands on this! :-----

James Wright -

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I hope you enjoy!

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