Introduction: Hand Turn a Dart

I came across a rockler catalog with a kit to make a set of darts. I thought to myself this would be great and a fun way to get started in turning pens. In the next few steps I will show you how I turned a few pen blanks into a set of darts. Hope ypu enjoy. Thanks for reading.

Step 1: Materials Needed

I tend to do things backwards and just go for it when I have the funds to do so. So before you are able to turn you need a few things. Now I know that you can do it differently, but this is how I chose to do it.

Materials you will need-
-dart kit (from rockler, i have not seen one from anyone else)
-pen madrel( I used a number 2 taper which fit my lathe)
-lathe chisels
-drill and drill bits
-centering jig( I ended up buying one from wood craft.), you can also make your own.
-pen blanks
-radial arm or chop saw or table saw

Step 2: Measuring,cutting, and Drill

Take you wood blank and grab your dart kit. Take the insert tube and measure it, it should be 2-1/4, then measure that out on your blanks, and cut. After getting wood cut place in your centering jig and drill holes through your blanks.

Step 3: CA Glue

Take your inner tubes and scratch the surface so that you glue will adhear. For quick addherense I used CA glue, its fast and sticks well. glue insert and stick into wood blank.

Step 4: Set Up Lathe

Sorry I didnt take more pictures of the mandrel set up, I will try to describe the best I can. First take you mandrel and slide one of the provided 7mm spacers on to it, then add your blank and then another spacer. Tighten everything down so that your blank doesn't spin freely on the mandrel. This is important, if you dont get it tight it will spin and not cut when you hit it with your chisels.

Step 5: Turn

Start your lathe and turn away. Start slow and work yourself in deeper, I gave mine a small belly in the middle with a slight grad from the front of the dart to the back. Sand on the lathe. It makes thing a lot easier. I also just used a cutting board oil I had around and applied this while the lathe was still running as well.

Step 6: Assemble

Now just assemble the kit. Start with the tip side. This is so you can add weight and pack it down tword the tip. They give you lead string to weight the darts down I chose to go with a heavier dart at about 26 grams. After you get your desired weight. add the flight side and then the flight.

Step 7: Start Playing

Go ahead and shoot darts.

Hope you enjoyed my instructable.
Thanks for reading. I would love to see if anyone one else has made these.

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