Introduction: Hand Washing Reminder

Remember to wash your hands, keep Coronavirus from expanding.

This device makes washing hands a habit for me whenever I go to the restroom when turn on the lights.


Light Sensor

LCD Screen

Alligator Clips with Pigtails

Various kinds of Wires


A Carton

Step 1: Structure of the Device

There are three main pieces that make the device into shape.

-Light Sensor: detects the ray of lights and triggers everything

-LDC Screen: shows "Please Wash Your Hands"

-Speaker: Make sounds "do re mi fa sol la si do"

Step 2: Coding

Set up the Light Sensor, LDC Screen, and Speaker

Step 3: Design the Exterior

Full of wires in your residence isn't a great thing, it will look unquestionably messy.

With a box as the exterior can make your device more attractive and appealing.

Step 4: How It Operates in Real Life

The light sensor identifies the ray of lights. When the lights are turned on in the restroom, the light sensor triggers the speaker and the LDC screen as well. The speaker will start making the sounds of "do re mi fa sol la si do" until the lights are turned off. The LDC screen shows "Please Wash Your Hands" as a reminder when stepped into the restroom, the text will be gone instantly when the lights are turned off. When the reminder worked and you washed your hands but forgot to turn off the lights, the machine will automatically turn off after a few minutes.