Introduction: Hand Washing Station Base

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Simple to build, low cost, and light weight hand washing station for the outdoors. Use with the water foot pump to create a hands free washing station.

It's been used by dozens of Daisy Scouts (1st graders), Cub Scouts (K-5), and their families. Kids really enjoy the hands free pump. You'll see kids washing hands when they don't need to wash hands.

The 5 gallon bucket has washed over 60 hands and not run out on me yet.


Step 1: Cuts and Fittings

Three 10 foot pipes will yield the required pieces. I recommend using a miter saw.Alternatively, a hand saw can be used.

SKUs provided from Menards. Total cost for parts were $33.30 before tax from my store.

Step 2: Assemble Base and Top

Assemble two sets. One as a base and other as the the top.

4 - 14"

4 - 10"

8 - 90 Degree Side Outlet Elbow

Step 3: Add Legs and Crosses

4 - 29"

4 - Hub Cross

Add the 29" legs to the base frame and Hub Crosses to the top.

Step 4: Cross Frame

2 - Hub Tee

4 - 6"

1 - 10"

Create an "H" with four 6" pipes and one 10" pipe with two Hub Tees.

Attach the "H" to Hub Crosses.

Step 5: Add Support Handles

8 - 4"

2 - 10"

4 - 90 Degree Elbow

Attach the 4" pipe to all ends of the cross hub.

Create the handle bars with 10" pipe and two 90 Degree Elbows.

Step 6: Top Support Frame

Finish with the second frame set added to the top.

Base frame is finished.

Step 7: Water Resevoir

2 - 5 gallon general use pails

1 - Lid

Cut a hole in the Lid edge for the tube to enter from the foot pump. The Lid is necessary in order to stack the pails.

*You can transport a filled pail with lid in your car. This will only stop sloshing water. It will not stop a spill!

The bottom pail will be filled with clean water for hand washing. The top pail is for drain water aka grey water.

Alternative Water Reservoirs

5 gallon water bottle - does not stack but easier to seal.

Water coolers - better seal but more difficult to run tubing

Collapsible water jug - better seal but doesn't stack.

Step 8: Customization Ideas

Cement or not to Cement.
Cement all points but the Handles for easier transportation. Or don’t cement at all for full breakdown for transportation.

Towel Holder

A handle can be used as a paper towel holder. Alternatively, replace a 90 degree elbow with the side outlet elbow to hold the towel roll vertically.

Garbage Bag holder

The other handle can be used to hold a garbage bag. Use a rubber band or clips to keep in place.


I used scrap pipe and bought an extra 90 degree elbow to make a spigot. The rubber tubing easily runs through the pipe.


I recommend a basin to catch the splash back. Several options for the basin. 18qt dish pan, storage bin, or a dollar tree popcorn bowl. I went with the popcorn bowl and cut a small opening to drain.

Pedal Holder

The pedal works alone but since it’s so light it moves around. I took scrap 2x4 to encase the foot pump. It also stops the your foot from crushing the tubing.

Step 9: Foot Pump in Action

Spigot, basin, and pedal holder for this set up.

I went with two 5-gal general use pails and a cap I cut a small hole to run the tube into.

A water cooler jug may work but it's not easily stackable.

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