Introduction: Hand-held Grenade Launcher V2

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I have been asked to post my hh-gl2, and someone, (jokingly) threatened to rip my heart out and sell it if i didnt.For those of you who havnt seen my slideshow, here are the performance statistics
abot a 25-35 ft range with one rubber band
7-shot magazine
under barrel magazine holder
true trigger
ammo actually explodes

no sight
looks wierd with the magazine loaded

Step 1: Barrel/ Main Body

1.make two of these 2.make these 3.and these 4.add together like so 5.add last piece 6.add y connectors 7.get these 8.add here 9.add one of the step one pieces 10.add the other side 11.make these 12.add them here 13.gather these two connectors 14.add here

Step 2: Handle

1.make two of these 2.add rods 3.connect to other side 4.gather these 5.add here 6.and here 7.make these 8.add together 9.the trigger 10.add to body with blue rod 11.add handle 12.add another rod 13.make sure trigger is properly positioned 14.add red and orange thing 15.wheels 16.add them here

Step 3: Magazine

all these steps are easy enough, plus im lazy ~~~

Step 4: Done

dont shoot anything that can feel pain, and have fun :)