Introduction: Pump-Action Shotgun V3

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Finally,after a long break from knex building, I decided to build it, V3 of my shotgun line-up.Though it doesnt feature rapid-fire, like my previous model, but I think is more realisticly built.The trigger mechanism looks flimsey,but is ironically less complicated and much stronger than the other mechanisms.Here are the performance statistics;
-very realistic design
-easy to pump
-ammo spreads
-less skeletal and more attractive midsection
-not the greatest magazine (4 shots)

Step 1: Piece Count

As requested by Visper123,here is the piece count:
green/black rods X 59
silver/white/black rods X 41
blue rods X 10
yellow/gray rods X 2
black/transparent/gray rods X 4 (prefferably one black/clear one for use as ram)
(optional) green/purple bendy rods X 2

half-moon 5 slot X 46
2 slot i connector X 12
4 slot connector X 8
2 slot v connector X 6
1 slot connector X12
3 slot right angle connector X 11
7 slot 3d connector X 2

blue spacers X 6
grey spacers X 4
hinge X 1
blue tan X 1
female joint piece X 2
y connector X 1
tan connectors X 4
black wheels X 4

Step 2: Handle and Trigger

I wont give the little numbers up here like I usually do. Its pretty straight-forward.

Step 3: Pump

Again,not very hard.

Step 4: Nose/Barrel

Sorry guys,but it wont let me post any more pictures because it exeeds size limit.To continue go to my profile and then part 2 of instructions.