Introduction: Handheld Muscle Roller

Hi there!

So, I went to the shop and there were all these fancy muscle rollers for $40+.

Then I thought - what could I make one for?

So, I made this, then looked through other Instructables and what do you know - there a few different options already!

Anyway, the final result was a surprise and cost me about $7 with material left over for more




  • 5 - 30 minutes


  • 2-Inch thick wooden pole - $12
  • Sheet of non-slip drawer mat material - leftover ($5 new)
  • Electrical tape - leftover ($3 new)


  • Saw of any kind
  • Scissors
  • Hands!

Step 1: Choose Your Core Material

There are a few different options - my first though was wood so I found a $12 length of wood in the local hardware store.

PVC pipe.. Scaffolding pipe.. etc etc will all do the trick - something solid, smooth with a bit of slip!

Step 2: Cut to Size

I cut it to about five hand-widths in length - it'll fit in my suitcase, my backpack... my pocket? ;)

Step 3: Wrap With a Textured Material

Here is where you can get creative, I chose a mesh you would use for a draw nonslip surface and see the texture of the final product!

Cut to a width which allows you to grip the core on either side of it.

Alternatively - foam foam or foam of varying thickness in varying patterns.. I think i'll be more ambitious when I need one to really dig into those tight spots on my leg!

Step 4: Tape, Tape, Tape It Up

Simple, but will make or break the final look.

Get the electrical tape out, make sure all surfaces are clean and dry and start taping!

Keep it tight, tidy, even, artistic..

Step 5: Roll Out Them Muscles.


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