Introduction: Handheld Winch

In this Instructable, you will learn how to create your own winch from easily accessible materials for practical, household uses.

Step 1: Supplies


Compact electric motor of some sorts (a windshield wiper motor in my case)

1"x12" shaft

24" punched flat bar

2x 3" bolts with corresponding nuts

Momentary switch

Electrical Tape


Power supply (batteries or corded power brick, preferably above 1.5 amps)

Wire Terminals

Wire crimps


Die Grinder (any metal cutting tool)


Soldering Iron

Industrial Epoxy

Wire cutters and stripers

Sand Paper

Step 2: Handle

Measure where to cut the handle. Make sure to compensate for the motor. Use the die grinder or preferred cutting tool to cut the handle. After, wrap the handle in electrical tape or sticking foam for added affect.

Step 3: Mount Handle and Motor

Start out by sanding the areas of the handle and motor that will be mounted together for better grip. Apply a generous amount of epoxy onto the handle. Stick the motor onto the handle so the drive shaft is perpendicular. Then, wrap with electrical tape.

Step 4: Cut the Flat Bar

Measure and cut the piece of flat bar into two equal pieces.

Step 5: Mount Flat Bar Onto Drive Shaft

Take the nut off the drive shaft and remove the previously installed arm. Measure the width of the drive shaft and mill the central holes of the two bars, if necessary. Double the bars on top of each other, then tighten the nuts and bolts through the top and bottom holes. After, put the bars back onto the drive shaft and tighten the nut back onto the drive shaft.

Step 6: Beginning of Wiring

Cut and strip the wires coming from chosen power supply. Drill out a hole for the momentary switch and one to make a pathway for your wires.

Step 7: Switch Soldering

Solder one wire coming from the power supply to one terminal on the momentary switch. Solder a second piece of wire to the switch's other terminal that will go towards the motor.

Step 8: Crimp Wires

Crimp a wire to the previously cut wire running from the power supply. This second section of wire will lead up to the motor's terminal. Solder the connection of the crimp for reinforcement.

Step 9: Solder and Plug Terminals

Start by running the last two wires towards the motor. Measure, cut and strip the wires for clean wire management. Solder terminals onto the end of the wires and plug them into the motor's terminals.

Step 10: Power Up and Complete

Connect your winch to your power source and your winch is ready to go.

Step 11: Video

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