Introduction: Handmade Halloween Grass

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This Instructable is yet another way to reuse the ubiquitous plastic bag. I reuse plastic bags in many ways, and one is to make Easter grass out of them. No one should EVER buy Easter grass. What a waste!! Instead, make your own and then use it again for packing material or melt it between sheets of wax paper to make larger plastic sheets to make into tarps or rain coats or bags again! The possibilities are endless.

You can make any sort of holiday-themed "grass" depending on the color of your bags. The liquor stores in Chicago tend to use black plastic bags; so those are perfect for this project. Step one, then, according to my boyfriend, is to go buy some beer.

NOTE: I do not recommend this project of people with animals that like to eat things off of floors or children that like the same. Please use your common sense.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this project you will need:

1. Black or other appropriate color plastic bag
2. Scrap paper
3. Scissors*

It takes about 15 minutes to finish this project.

*You want sharp scissors for this. If it's been a while since you cleaned and sharpened your scissors, fold a piece of aluminum foil into eighths and cut through it multiple times with your scissors. Then clean the blades of with some rubbing alcohol. That should prepare them nicely.

Step 2: Fold the Bag

For this step you will need the plastic bag.

First fold the bag length-wise {Picture 1} and then width-wise {Picture 2}.

Step 3: Prepare the Bag for Cutting

For this step you will need the folded plastic bag and your scrap piece of paper.

Place the folded bag onto the scrap piece of paper {Picture 1} and fold the paper length-wise around the plastic bag {Picture 2}.

Step 4: Begin Cutting Your Strips

For this step you will need the plastic bag folded inside the piece of paper.

Start by cutting a strip about 1"-2" wide from the main section {Picture 1}. If you cut slowly and steadily with sharp scissors, you shouldn't have any problems. {You cut it into sections because it will be easier to hold the plastic steady and straight within the smaller section.} Then start cutting strips about 1/8th of an inch thick from your smaller section {Picture 2}. Continue cutting until you've completed the section {Picture 3}.

Step 5: Separate the Paper From the Plastic

For this step you will need your cut-up plastic bag.

Separate the paper strips from the plastic ones. You can reuse the paper for other projects as well.

Step 6: Separate the Strands

For this step you will need the strips of plastic bag.

Because we folded the bag, the strips are actually compacted loops. You'll need to separate these with your fingers.

Step 7: Scrunch the Strands

For this step you will need the separated strands of plastic bag.

The strands may seem a little limp; so rub them together between your hands to crinkle them up. One regular sized plastic bag yields about half and Easter basket's worth of grass.

Step 8: Use Your Grass

Like I said, it has lots of uses- packaging, display, stuffing for scarecrows, hair for witches- anything you can think of that needs squiggly bits of plastic.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable. Please visit my website or journal for more art and projects.

Yours in craft,

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