Introduction: Handmade Rainbow Rose

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Hello Everybody,

Get ready your crafty hands, you are about see a gorgeous craft idea. That's right, it can be wall mounted or kept at dining table or part of interior decorating. No matter where it is, it illuminates the room by its bright colours. After all its rainbow coloured rose, it will be no doubt a feast for eyes and definite Aww.... reaction generating object.

Step 1: Supplies

1) Chart Paper - 3 Nos

2) Card stock - 3

3) School glue

4) Hot glue gun

5) Colour papers 10" x 8" - Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red (Rainbow colour) and pink too

Step 2: Inspiration

Normally I was browsing for rose images, then suddenly these came popping up. The moment is saw I loved it, and crazy idea struck me, instead of seeing it in reel, I wanted to make one for my own, I know its not natural like these but it wouldn't be bad to make one that looks just like these ... huhhh you agree ?

Step 3: Prepare Your Template

You should use quite thick material, so that they don't bend or uncomfortable when you shape outline using this. I used cardstock, Cardboard is also a good choice for making template

Inorder to cut out lot of petals you should make your template first, here is my hand sketched template, I even made those in AutoCAD which is in scale measurement as I have made, please find attached and you can use that to get it machine cut. Thats totally your choice,

Small petal size = 10 cm, Started by drawing middle line is 10 cm with bottom as 4 cm, meeting the centre points with height of 10 cm and drawn arc on both sides.

Step 4: Template 2

Prepare you big petal template like you did for small expect make it for a size of 13 cm middle length & height from bottom line centre point. With bottom line of 8 cm.

Cut out the shapes and the let work begin

Step 5: Trace It

First trace out small petals, well this is the hard way of doing it, i.e., doing it everything by hand, but its fun for me since its being a long time that I did craft works and it did consume quite lot of time.

If you have machine you can upload the design make the cut, well its easy and less hectic.

since I had to make 30 small petals, First I have to make the cutouts in the chart paper, why I am using chart paper ? It add little stiffness, since size is gonna be big adding paper only will not give the expected result. Adding chart as base will perk up the shape.

Chart paper are thick but they are flexible too, so smart way of cutting 30 pieces single handedly is to obtain multiple cut pieces in one shot,

First I tired but giving a square of 12 cm x 12 cm, trace the petal, fold the chart to same square length and it will give two cut out

Step 6: Method 2

Tried it with 2 folds at once to get 3 pieces at once, folded in zigzag and shaped the outline with scissors. Continue the same for rest of the small petals.

Step 7: Big Petals

Follow the same for big petals too, but for big petals the count is less i.e., 8 Nos of big petals

So now we have,

Small petals - 30 Nos

Big petals - 8 Nos

Step 8: Paper Trick

My colour paper we about (LxW) = 30 cm x 20 cm

Fold the lengthwise meeting the edges and then width wise

Step 9: Trace Again

Place the petal in the joint position, Keep the chart petal and trace out the outline, Cut the shape leaving 1 mm clearance from actual shape, Trust me it will be useful. so you'll get 4 sides as 2 separate pieces, merge at centre will be useful in easy pasting of chart paper front & back.

Each paper will give two cutouts for covering two small petals front & back.

Which in the case of big petal 3/4 of the sheet is required for front & back

Step 10: Colourful Petals

Follow the same cutout methods for remaining chart petals

Both for small & large petals

Small petals

Violet - 4 Nos

Indigo - 4 Nos

Blue - 4 Nos

Green - 4 Nos

Yellow - 4 Nos

Orange - 4 Nos

Red - 4 Nos

& Pink - 2 Nos

I know pink doesn't fall under rainbow, but already I gave even distribution between rainbow colours and I thought it would be cute to add pink ;)

Large petals

Above listed colours each one.

Step 11: Bonding

Apply school glue on the edges of chart paper and spread it using tooth pick. close it one side and apply now on the other side.

Step 12: Completely Colourful

Do the same for remaining 37 petals, if somebody is willing to lend you hand, that would be great

Step 13: Stiffing the Petal

Choose the midpoint, draw 4cm line vertically, cut it

Using your hand push the midpoint cut towards other direction to some extent.

Apply glue and paste it, this will give petal convergence at the outer layers

Step 14: Do the for 15 More

This stiff is to be given for 8 large & small petals. since it 8 I didn't repeat the colour in same segment, so pink is the 8th colour

Step 15: Bud Begins

Before I start the step, I would like to say it may seem long steps but its just for more clarity if my writeup is not clear, Image speaks more than words and each stage has different glue applying position. Indicated position will give beautiful outcome.

So lets begin,

Fold about 1cm at the bottom, glue both the base.

Using hot glue stick or any round rolling object, curl edges to inside

Let the opposite edges meet and roll it up and apply glue to stay intact here rolling to close as much possible

Now do the folding & pasting as indicated in image 3

First layer is ready

Step 16: 2nd Layer

Fold about 1cm at the bottom, glue both the base. curl the petals edges inside

Roll the extreme edges inwards towards petal and paste it.

Roll the others edges in clockwise direction, now will very space inside.

Step 17: 3 & 4th Layer

Follow the same for 3rd (orange layer) as far as for fourth layer, just stick the bottom with 1 cm folding and paste the curls edges blue to blue, leaving more space inside compared to other layers but not so big

Step 18: 5th & 6th Layer

This is blue & green layer,

Place the green petals with 1 cm folded at bottom and stick like arch, leaving space. Now place blue petal in that, here bottom 1cm fold will not be followed, so it will be little tall compared to other petals,

Here place the petals on the side i.e., edges meeting the midpoint of earlier pasted petals. Blue edge will be touching midpoint of indigo and green

I have inserted scale to ensure spacing while pressing blue to stick on green as well not folding other petals.

Now green and blue again

Step 19: 7th Layer

Apply glue for violet paper as shown here and paste it leaving good space, like for 3 fingers to go inside without trouble, good arch should be given. Do it on opposite side

Now all 7 colours have been given, Again second set of colours to be used to make the bud open

Step 20: Bud Blooming

Apply glue nicely at the bottom of orange and place it side ways, do the same for red colour.

Step 21: Opening Stage

Apply for indigo & yellow thin layer of glue at bottom and little in the middle to stick onto red and orange. Now onwards start curling the petal edges outside

Step 22: Finishing the Blooming Part

Finally add four more petals touch thin line of glue at the bottom and dot at center this way it gives more rooms for curling the edges. Follow this for blue & green in alternate sides

Now little lower than centre for pink & violet and as usual thin layer of glue at bottom and paste it alternately.

Step 23: Curling Adds Beauty

Now curl more area bringing the bud outside look. Do for all four

Ta da, There you go... finally your centre core is done.

Step 24: Anticipate the Base Size

Place core and just check out in all direction, based on that calculate the base size leaving extra spaces for pasting stiff petals

Approximately, I came to a conclusion of 6cm sides in Octagon.

Start drawing the octagon, I'm pretty sure you'll are good in geometry, so take 135degree to prepare of 8 sides

Step 25: Complete Base

Maintain 6cm & 135 degree, finish of octagon, inbetween four lines are just for reference

Step 26: Add Clip

Place aluminium clip or paper clip as wall mounting provision. This has to be definitely hot glued for stronger grip.

Step 27: Add Large Petals

Each side of octagon for each petals, I have keep the petals on exterior to check out where this colour synchronisation is eye catchy or not. It seemed good to me, so I started fixing one by one.

while gluing let the second petal coincide little bit with the first petal and same pattern to be followed

Final orange finish by putting little bit behind the indigo

Step 28: Alteration

After pasting large petals, remaining is 8 more stiff small petals.

Well I placed them and checked out, something didn't add up right... I felt that there is something missing between outer layer and small petal layer which yet to be glued.

So I decided to put one layer in between it, but it should be larger than small petals and smaller the large petal, hence I chose a size in-between to both, 11.5 cm (height & length) with bottom line as 6 cm

Cut out template, cut 7 pieces, I named it as medium size petals. Fold the colour , trace and shape cut with 1mm clearance for all 7 rainbow colours

Step 29: 7 More to Go

Paste them on both sides, Slit at the centre for 4cm and paste it like earlier.

Step 30: 2nd Outer Layer

Again check for the colour combination and start placing inbetween the large petals i.e, Violet is inbetween orange and indigo.

Step 31: 2 Nd Base

Check out the remaining space in the octagon base, trace out approximately, I got something more in oval shape. Now add the small stiff petals overlap eaching other and finish the round with 8 petals

Step 32: Final Fixing

Apply glue and stick to the original base, now there is nothing missing inbetween large and small petals, Medium petals covers it up. Now it felt good and it was perfect after pasting the centre core.

Step 33: Thank You

Thank you for coming this far, I know its lot of steps but you stayed with me throughout the process my sincere thanks for that.

Isn't it pure awesome looking in daylight, seeing this in perfect view really payed off hardships doing this, since I did everything manually and single handedly. Now its wall mounted in our hall, so that I can showoff ;P what I'm capable of

Please share your thoughts and suggestions in comment section, would love to hear from you.

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