Hands-Free Sanitizer Device




Introduction: Hands-Free Sanitizer Device

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No need to tie up those hands or touch the same sanitizer bottle that thousands before you have touched. Now you can make your hands-free sanitizer station.

Step 1: Gather Material and Tools

You will need:

  • 54" of 1/2" pvc- I120 pipe
  • 2 elbows
  • 4 cross - sections
  • 4 "T" - sections
  • 4 caps
  • 8' of 1/2 15mm cpvc pipe
  • 1 "T" - sections
  • 1 cap
  • 4 elbows
  • hand sanitizer
  • pvc glue
  • bolts or screws
  • pipe cutter
  • foam board
  • electrical box
  • pliers
  • drill
  • patterns and instructions from our website. www.junkdrawerideas.com

Step 2: Go to Website for Free Patterns and Instructions

Step 3: Print Instructions

This directions not only give you the instructions that you will need but they will also give you the "to scale" sizes that the parts need to be cut to....

Step 4: Cut Pipe

Use the simple "to scale" instructions to cut your pipe to the correct size.

Step 5: Cut Foot Pedal

Using the patterns you can get the exact size of the foot pedal that you will need.

Step 6: Cut Out Foot Pedal

Pretty simple step!

Step 7: Paint Foot Pedal Black

Step 8: Glue Pipes

Step 9: Add "E" Box

The electrical box will hold the hand sanitizer bottle.

Step 10: Add Spacer to the "E" Box

Step 11: Glue Foot Pedal to Pipe With Brackets

Step 12: Paint Machine

Step 13: Use Machine...wash Hands!

Step 14: Check Out Our Other Builds


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    Question 2 years ago on Step 3

    The print out we have doesn’t measure the same as the instructions say. I assume that 6.5” means 6 and a half inches, 6.25” means 6 and a quarter inches, etc., but these do not add up to 54”.
    Am I reading these numbers incorrectly? Or am I not printing the instructions correctly?
    Thank you!