Introduction: Hands Saving Greenery

  • Everyone is aware of the fact that giving and sharing gives us immense satisfaction.
  • And in today's world, what better thing to be shared other than greenery?
  • So keeping this in mind I started my small project of a pair of hands holding a plant.

Step 1: Cement, Sand and Water Mixture

  • To start with I mixed 3 portions of sand with one portion of water and one portion of cement.

Step 2: Pouring Mixture in Surgical Gloves

  • After mixing it properly I took a pair of surgical gloves and poured the mixture in it.
  • To make this pouring process easier I put the gloves on a hollow bottle so that it stays at the place while pouring.

Step 3: Setting the Gloves

  • After filling both the gloves properly I placed them in the position I want in a bowl.
  • Then placed a weight on top of it. and then I kept it in the sun to dry.
  • Make sure there are no air bubbles.

Step 4: Cut the Gloves

  • Next day, I carefully cut the gloves after the cement had dried properly.

Step 5: Painting

  • We can paint any colour we want
  • I painted it white colour to make it a contrasting look

Step 6: Mud

  • Next, I put mud in the hollow of the palm.

Step 7: Plant and Conclusion

  • I planted a small money plant in it.
  • In this way my " Hands saving greenery" is ready.

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