Introduction: Hands-free Door Opener

This is a 3D file for Fusion360 that you can enter the data of your door handle in order to get a 3D file that can be 3D printed.

The idea is to be able to open the door without touching it with your hand.



2 colson / Serflex


3D printer

Step 1: Open the File on Fusion 360

dowdload the .f3d (fusion file) from here, and open it via "open" "open file from my computer"

Step 2: Modify the Paramaters

According to the dimension of the handle

The file has been done with something called "paramater".

It means that you can modify the dimension without going into the sketches and the design.

Go in "modify" and "parameters"

You can now changethe parameters of the filr from here and wathing the file modifying in the background.

As I'm french and some of the text is in french, you'll find pictures of what is corresponding to what above.

Step 3: Export the File As an .stl for Your 3D Printer

When the modify is finished, you can close the window.

To export the files for your 3D printer :

on the left side, open the folder called "bodies"

you have 2 "bodies" one for the external handle and one for the internal handle (as the doors generally have 2 handles)...

You can right click on the body and "save as .stl"

The refinement quality does not really matters here as it's for 3D printing, so "Medium" is good. And do not click on "send to 3D utility", it generally does not work.

Step 4: 3D Print & Install

a few advise on that :

60% infill is the best general ratio between plastic use and strongness.

I advice you not to go lower than that as this part is for mechanical use.

If the system is outside, don't use PLA as i will go warm with the sun and get broken after 2hours on the sun and use.

Note for all : PETG is generally easy to print and more resistant than PLA.

Note: if you you want to higher the print speed, you'll need to avoid support and adhesion, and play with the parameteres of the infill to gain a maximum of time. I've enclosed my parameters on Cura for a cheap chinese 3dprinter.

Step 5: How Did I Do That

On Fusion 360, when you do a sketch, or an extrusion, or a ... whatever you can type in dimensions. (photo enclosed).

If, before stating, you go in "modifiy" (top) and "change parameters" and "+" on user-paramaters, you can create a so called "parameter" with a name and a value for this name.

Then, when in the sketch, instead of typing in a number, you type the name, with letters (and you can do simple maths as well, as seen on the picture).

After that, when you'll change the parameter, it'll change the sketch and update everything.

Be carefull, when doing so, you need to be really precise and think a lot of what you do, if not, when a paramater change, everything breaks appart.

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