Introduction: Handy Bracket Design

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I have used this Handy Bracket Design for many years. One doesn't always have the correct size metal bracket or want to go to the store to get one. But I've always got 1 X 2 scraps (or I can rip some from 2 X 4 offcuts), glue and brads or screws.

The design is handy because it is flexible, scalable, simple to make, and most of the wood is in compression - its strongest configuration.

Step 1: Many Uses

I've used this design to support our computer desk which is made of 2' X 7' hollow doors see pictures 1 and 3. It is useful for hanging planters, fly traps and carpenter bee traps outdoors. And in the pantry it supports shelves both above it and below it!

See pictures for notes

Step 2: How To

You will need (1) a saw, (2) a drill with pilot bits, (3) sand paper - 120 grit is good, (4) waterproof wood glue, and (5) a brad gun or screws.

You will also need to pay attention to SAFETY. Some of these tools can do you grave bodily harm - BE SAFE!

  • Determine the size you want and cut pieces. I used a miter saw but any saw will do the job
  • A dry layup will show if you've made the right size
  • Sand off the rough bits and splinters
  • Drill pilot holes for mounting screws or assembly screws if you choose to go that way
  • Glue and brad (or screw) the vertical and horizontal arms together at 90 degrees
  • Glue and brad the 45 degree support - NOTE depending on your application you may want 30/60 or some other combination to fit your project
  • NOTE: - End grain is like a sponge, use plenty of glue (see picture 8)
  • Let the glue dry and you're ready to go.

Be sure to check the notes on the pictures

Step 3: Hang Something

Here's a couple of views of my Handy Brackets. Just for the heck of it, I made one with a flat top to show it could be done. It took me about 45 minutes to make both of these but I could probably have made four in the same time so compare that with the 44 minutes it would take to drive to and from the lumber store and I think I came out ahead of the game.

Over the years I have used this design it has proven to be useful and durable. This design can be used with other wood sizes, but I've found that what I've shown here has always been sufficient. I hope you try it on some of your projects and if you do, please let us know.

Thank you for reading. All comments are welcome.