Introduction: Hangers to Bag Clips/clothes Pins/etc. - Upcycle.

Gratuitous retail clothes hanger, clip style.

Step 1: Separate 'clip'.

Using a dremel cutoff tool, or other type tool, separate the useful part of the 'clip'.  Leave enough excess to avoid cutting into the 'meat'.

Step 2: Cleanup.

Using the cutoff tool, you can take off larger chunks and corners.  The cutoff tool has left many melt-burrs, use a small utility knife or exacto knife to remove them, carefully.  If you are a perfectionist (I am), a lightly applied lighter makes quick work of any small flakes/burrs leftover - though I imagine any heated plastic has some toxic risk, I can't imagine the fumes being worse than walking near light traffic.

Step 3: Use.

After rinsing/washing for one last ick/germ barrier, apply to unfinished bagel supply.

There are plenty of application for these, let me know if you have any non-bagel ideas.