Introduction: Hanging Earring Holder

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How to make a simple, hanging earring holder.

I decided to make this since the only ones I’ve seen are made to sit on something, but I want to minimize surface clutter (especially since I’m in college), so I made a hanging earring holder.

I apologize for not taking pictures during the process.


Adjustable window screens

Wire or String

Paint, brushes, etc; I used acrylic paint

Wall hanging pin, hook, whatever

***Other method:

Metal Frame

Roll of window screen

Step 1: The Screens

1. I bought adjustable window screens, I believe from Walmart, but I’m sure Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc carry them. They have a nice, fairly sturdy frame. I then separated them, popping them apart with some flat-head screwdrivers.

***Other: You could make a metal frame and to have any shape
want and make a loop to hang it from. If you did that, I believe that you could use screen from a roll and then cut it out perhaps an inch bigger in the shape of the frame, fold the edges over, and sew the screen to itself over the frame.

Step 2: The Hanging Pieces

2. I made the hanging part and what I call the bracket from metal clothes hangers, but regular craft wire or even string should work to hang the screen. I poked holes in each corner of the screen for the wire, or you could tie the string to the screen through those holes. I had a problem with the brittle clothes hangers breaking when I bent them too much, so I had to reinforce mine with some duct tape.

I also made a bracket for the lower end of the screen to push it further from the wall, but, depending on the frame of the screen, it may already have enough depth to where the bracket isn’t necessary.

Step 3: Add Some Color!

3. Once I completed the hanging parts, I painted the screens. I painted flowers for my mom’s and painted mine to be steampunk-y.

I painted the frame and the screen. Be patient with painting the screen; if you put too much paint on the brush it’s likely to clog the screen holes. I also found brushes with stiffer bristles worked better so I could poke out the paint bubbles as I painted while it was still wet. I also went back with a pin and poked out any dried clogged screen holes.

Hang it up, and you're done!