Introduction: Hanging Party Decorations

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This is a more practical way to hang your party decorations. When throwing a party there are lots of things to do, and if you can do things more efficiently, by preparing things before the big day, it'll help you stress less and enjoy more the party.

Step 1: ​Gather Your Materials


Ribbons, I used an organza one and a satin one.

Paper lanterns and pompoms

Measuring tape

Silver spray paint

Hanging laundry drying rack with clothespins

Thread or yarn

Step 2: Cut the Ribbons

Measure how low you want your decorations to be, and cut the ribbons. Cut as many ribbons as clothespins. Make some smaller and some larger.

Burn the edges to avoid fraying.

Step 3: Paint

Paint the drying rack with the spray paint. Paint everything, even the clothespins.

Focus on the side that will be facing down. Thats the one tha will be visible.

Step 4: Assemble

Attach a piece of yarn to the paper lanterns and pompoms. Then hang them with a clothespin.

Hang each ribbon with a clothespin too.

Step 5: Hang the Decorations

The big day all you have to do is hang the drying rack (which you can do in less than a minute) and move on with the next task.

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