Introduction: Happy Birthday RGB Rainbow Lighting Gift

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Hello friends, in this instructable we will make a different Birthday Gift using RGB neopixel. This project is looking very cool in dark at night.

I provided all information in this tutorial with al parts and codes. And I hope you all like this......

If you want to make this project fast without reading these instructions you can see the below Video in which I explained each and every process.

Step 1: 3D Design

This is a 3D small plastic design to keep our microcontroller board in it.

Step 2:

This is our micro-controller board Circuit playground express. In this board there are 10 multicolored LED Bulb is fitted which act as RGB neopixel. I will not use external LE bulb to make this project. I will use the circuit playground led to make this project.

Step 3: Paper Piece

We will cut a small circular paper piece. Remember that we will only use white paper.

Step 4: Draw Happy Birthday on It..

Drraw a happy birthday Text on this paper .

Step 5: Water Transparent Glass

We will use a transparent water glass to make a design in RGB light.

Step 6: Paper in Glass

Put the paper piece into the glass.

Step 7: Glass Over Circuitplayground

Now put the glass on circuitplayground board and then power the board.

After this upload the given code.

Step 8: Code

Upload this code in the circuit playground to make a animation in RGB light.


input.onLoudSound(function () {
light.showAnimation(light.rainbowAnimation, 2400) pause(500) light.showRing( `black black black black red red black black black black` ) pause(500) light.showRing( `black black black blue red red blue black black black` ) pause(500) light.showRing( `black black pink blue red red blue pink black black` ) pause(500) light.showRing( `black green pink blue red red blue pink green black` ) pause(500) light.showRing( `yellow green pink blue red red blue pink green yellow` ) pause(500) light.showAnimation(light.rainbowAnimation, 2000) }) forever(function () { music.setVolume(50) music.siren.loop() light.setBrightness(255) light.setAll(0xff00ff) pause(2000) light.setAll(0x0000ff) pause(2000) light.setAll(0x007fff) pause(2000) light.setAll(0x00ff00) pause(2000) light.setAll(0xff9da5) pause(2000) light.setAll(0xff0000) pause(2000) light.setAll(0xff8000) pause(2000) light.setAll(0x7f00ff) })

Step 9: Project Is Ready..

This is looking very cool.At night and dark room it will look very awesome and it is a perfect gift for night decoration in home.

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Step 11: