Introduction: Happy Hanukah Shirt Makeover

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Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, or how cute or ugly you want your shirt, these techniques will show you the way to create the holiday look you want. Use this tutorial to turn your ugly sweater dreams into reality or give an old shirt a great holiday makeover.

Bonus: This shirt is washable, so you can give it as a gift or wear it year after year.

Step 1: Garment

My blue robot shirt got stained. Now it'll get a holiday makeover.

Pick a blue tee shirt, sweater, sweat shirt (or other shirt). You can use something stained or cheap - you'll be able to cover up imperfections. Also, most materials will work (want an ugly holiday sweater? :-), though smooth fabric will work best. Tee shirts and sweat shirts are perfect.

If your shirt has a design on it, decide if it will become part of your art work, like I did. Or if you'll cover it up.

Alt: If you're making a Christmas shirt, use a green or red shirt.

Step 2: Gather Supplies

Acrylic paints & brushes, or fabric pens

Chanukah stencils

Glitter or metallic fabric paints

Permanent or fabric markers

Wax paper

Colors you need will be white, blue, yellow, and black for Hanukah. (For Xmas add red and green)

Step 3: Wax Paper

Put a piece of wax paper inside the shirt to keep paint from bleeding through to the back. It should be large enough to cover the area you'll paint.

Smooth it out. Flatten the shirt.

Step 4: Paint

Paint over existing artwork using white acrylic paints. Let paint dry in between colors. You can use the original artwork or use it as a base for your new painting as I have. This works great if your shirt has an animal, tree, house, etc. If you're painting over existing artwork, but not using it as a base, make big circles for a snowman. Or a dreidel shape for Hanukah. Or a tree for Xmas.

Step 5: Snow

Make snow by dabbing your paintbrush with white paint and making dots.

Step 6: Stencil

Buy holiday stencils or make your own stencils out of heavy paper.

Press the stencil flat onto the shirt. Dab the paint onto the stencil. Keep holding. Don't drag the brush or paint will get under the stencil.

Gently lift the stencil after filling in all the open areas with paint.

Step 7: A Scene Is Emerging

Let the base paint dry.

Step 8: Add Shiny

Use glitter and metallic fabric paints to enhance and add sparkle to the acrylic paint.

Step 9: Contrasting Colors

Add details in blue.

Step 10: Flames

Add a little color:

Add yellow flames to your candles.

If your making a snowman, give it an orange nose.

If you're making a Christmas shirt, add color to gifts and/or ornaments.

Step 11: More Shiny Stuff

Glue or sew sequins, rhinestones, etc. onto the shirt. If you glue, use fabric glue.

Step 12: Outline

When all the paints are dry, use permanent or fabric markers to make outlines and add details.

Step 13: Details

Like eyes, buttons, etc.

Step 14: Wear It & Celebrate!

Let everything dry overnight or longer. Then remove the wax paper.

Your new holiday shirt is ready to wear.

Happy Holidays!

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