Introduction: Happy Robot Mascotte (stopmotion Film + Build)

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This is my new robot mascotte! check out the stop motion film! it is very short, but fun to watch!

after this i show oyu the build in big steps. easy to make your own.

-dont forget: you can make this with a handsaw too if you like. no extreme powertools are needed.

Minimum for comfort:


-powerdrill or handdrill.

-some drills

some wood and wire of any kind.

Step 1: Find Some Nice Wood and Make the First Shapes

first of all, watch the stop-motion video. it's short and fun to watch :-).

so, the beginning:

i found a nice piece of leftover hardwood. (two actually, the tie is made of other kind of hardwood).

first make sure you have ha nice beamshape. so all bend edges should be gone.

next cut the beam in 4 parts (part for 2legs,part for 2arms, part for body and 1 for the head.)

now you have 4 pieces.(the length is up to you).

2 pieces will be the arms and legs and will be cut into 2 pieces again, so you have both feet and arms. (so you have four pieces.)

Step 2: Cut the Tie and Don't Forget the Head

like a tie? from a flat piece of wood it is easy to shape one with the bandsaw or scrollsaw.

the head is one of the for pieces. use a big drill or holesaw (or whatever you like) to make the eyes.

the mouth is made by the tablesaw because the blade is wide enough to make an open mouth in one fast cut.

now you have a head and a tie. the main body will not be modified unless you want to.

Step 3: Arms and Feet

so, by now you have 4 pieces (probably almost all equal pieces. at least two of the same from each).

the feet are a simple small beam where a smaller beam is cut out off so you have a kind of spaceboot.2 times offcourse. sand it down after for finishing.

the hands/arms have a hole in it, so it looks like it can grip something(like a pencil or so).next 3 cuts on the bandsaw. 2X on on third for the 3 fingers, and 1 time on the side so it actually look fingers (see fotos and movie)

now make some modifiecations or addons if you like.

don't forget to finish by sanding everything.

Step 4: Assembling

so, what is not on the movie are all the small holes for the wire to fit.

the wire is actually 3D print abs wire wich is tough and flexible.

i made holes of 1.5mm about 10to 15mm deep. then i glue in the abs wire with strong glue. (put some glue on the wire and jam it in the body)

the amount of wires depend on how strong you like to make it.

i used 2 wires for head and arms sinc they can move/flex that way,wich is fun to see.

the feet has 3 wires, so they are stable enough to stand on its own. a robot who cant stand is not done :P.

see the pictures for any references.

Step 5: Finishing

when everything has dried and it is done, i toke some spraylaquer and sprayed the complete robot. now the colors of the wood are coming trough and look cooler.

well, that's about it. the sky is the limit.

-you can also use springs (from bic,stylo) for arms,head.

-also rope, but than you have a sitting robot.

-you can do any mod you like since this is a very basic startingpoint.

good lcuk, and see you next time!