Introduction: My Shop Aircleaner (reclaimed Wood and Motor)

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let me show you my latest shop aircleaner.

the entire cleaner is made out of waste triplex from special pallets we have at work.

the motor has an attached squirlecage fan wich produces a ridiculous amount of airvelocity.

check out my photoshoot.

Step 1: The Start

so here is the shape of the box i'm starting with. the filters are from a profesional aircleaner of recordpower. so the only "calculations" i made was the size of the filters (wich are easiliy and widely available and not that expensive) and the size of the fanmotor so it all fits together in one box.

Step 2: Special Construction

since the blower makes some noise and i tried to take some of the noise away, i made a port wich i later will cover in sound recution foam. it is a funnel to soften the sound of the velocity. i did not make many calculations since it was a trial and error thing.(wich worked)

Step 3: Insulation

so, here is the first sound insulation. i had a lot of these insulation foams left since they came from a room a dismantled. luckily i taped them with doublesided tape so they all came of without a scratch.

now these are glued in with bison sprayglue.( so rocksolid when dry)

Step 4: So Here's the Motor and Some More Insulation

the motor came from an industrial scrapped hairdryersystem. so all it taken down to its bare minimum( the heating system was burned and the case was cracked)

with some homemade ideas is glued the fanhouse together with ca and hotglue and use heated plastic to form everything to shape(well, basicly,when the box is closed noone sees the motor anyway)

And some more insulation in the tunnel. also holed some of the noise of the motor it self inside.

Step 5: Finish

closed the box, and painted it a little. and endcoat will come on next week i guess.

i also installed a simple cheap speedcontroller for the motor( 3bucks on ebay. 2000Wmax regulator)

also for the regulator i still need to make a small enclosure. probably out of perforated metal so it can cool. but first i need to find some on the local scrapyard.

the regulator also helps to keep the noise down even more. offcourse it sucks less when on lower mode, but a shop does not always need the same cleaning inside. when i working with the lathe or tablesaw the noise will not be "that noisy" since it is overlapped by the other machines.

At the end it all works and the box really sucks... in the good way!

when it will be finished with the endcoat and the ragulator is covered it will look a lot better, but form now it is already functional for my woodwork hobby.

i might post the finished work here at a later date.(i said might for the ones who read this at a later date ;-) )

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