Happy Wife Happy Life Travel Kit

Introduction: Happy Wife Happy Life Travel Kit

I put this kit together originally because my wife and I live in DC and a lot of our family are in New England. It's about a nine hour drive, and there are times when its more tense than others. This kits was designed to satisfy basic munchy needs, as well as more feminine specific requirements. All in all, its gone over very well.

Step 1: The Travel Case

I wanted the kit to be easily transportable and obvious to remember when packing.

Step 2: The Munchies

My wife is wonderful, beautiful, and fun. But she an get a little cranky when hungry. I decided to pack an assortment of comfort snacks and drinks to appeal to her appetites. I included a wide selection of chocolate with various flavors. For the hot chocolate and teas, I have to remember to bring hot water in a travel mug, or plan stops at various locations for some (most places will give hot water without charge if you ask).

Step 3: Other Requirements

For other...more feminine specific requirements...I included an array of items from tissues for tears, ibuprofen for pains, a heating pad with an adaptor for the car, an inflatable plane pillow, and other necessary products.

Step 4: The Mood

I top it all off by including a cd of favorite music, or an ipod loaded with a specific playlist.

Voila...a happier life...


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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    When I was pregnant with my littleone, who is now 17.5 years old,
    I had morning sickness for the whole pregnancy, I knew every store that would have bathrooms, every store( especially in the 2 trimester)
    would have trashbags quickly available.

    I like your idea much better

    Good Luck with your baby,My daughter is the best person I have ever met



    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love it!!!!

    Thank you for making this neat Instructible


    You sir, Just saved my life.

    Me and my wife are going on holiday, for the first time since little one was born, and I know my wife HATES traveling. I'd not even thought of a kit like this until now. Thankyou :D


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Glad I could help. If you think of any useful additions/alterations let me know.