Introduction: Harley Quinn's Shiny Aluminium Bat

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The movie suicide squad was recently released but, unfortunately, I did not get the time to go and watch it. The main reason why I decided to make this was because of the trailer that released on Youtube. Please see the link.

The song, Bohemian Rhapsody, in this trailer was written and preformed by the famous and legendary Queen. What I admire about this trailer is how the creators manage to perfectly sync the song's lyrics to a specific scene in the trailer and the specific sentence perfectly describes the that scene.

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lets start.

Step 1: What Will You Need

  1. A Aluminiun Baseball Bat
  2. Sanding paper or a sanding attachment for a hand held drilling machine
  3. Engraving tool
  4. A printer for printing some essential templates
  5. 10 mm drafting sticky tape
  6. Some good tunes. I suggest listening to the Bohemian Rhapsody.
  7. Time

Step 2: Cleaning and Sanding the Bat

You can use a fine grid sanding paper but if found that the sanding attachment for the drilling machine work just as well and its much quicker to remove the manufacturers name and specks from the bat.

Step 3: Good Night...

I played around a bit with font size and font type to get the one that was comfortable to work with. I wanted a font with straight lines because that will make the engraving a bit easier so you will see the "Good night" is not the same as the original. The font I ended up with was Wide Latin with bold.

  1. Print out the desired "GOOD NIGHT" on A4 paper
  2. With a sizzer or a sharp blade, cut out the letters
  3. Arrange the letters on the bat. See image 4 and stick it down with some wood glue. I used wood glue because it does not dries as quickly.
  4. With a black pen trace the letters to the bat. See image 5 and 6.


Step 4: Engraving...

Remove the paper letters from the bat leaving behind the black letter marking.

Using the outlines of the letters you can now engrave the letters onto the bat. NOTE!! Use safety glasses and if possible some type of a dust mask. The engraver will shoot out small pieces of aluminium randomly in all directions.

Engrave all the letters completely. See image 2

Step 5: Diamond Shapes on Bat Handle

This step I struggled a-lot with so if you have an easier was on doing this please try that.

First I placed the bat so that the "Good Night" sign faces up and in the center of my line of sight. I measured 35 cm from the bottom of the bat up and marked the place with a black dot. From the black dot I made I again measured 75 mm down to get the place for the second dot and marked it. See image 1. The same location of the two dots I transferred to the direct opposite side of the bat and marked it again. With sticky tape I linked the front top dot to the back bottom dot clock wise and counter clockwise and done the same for the two remaining dots. Please see the images for reference. You should end up with two big diamond shapes and 4 smaller triangle shapes.

Once this is done and you are happy you can trace the diamond shapes to the bat and engrave it.

I left a 10 mm gap on the top and the bottom of the diamond and measured 10 mm up and down from those lines and engraved it. See image 9 and 10

Step 6: Writing on the Bat...

For the writing on the bat I used the lyrics from the Bohemian Rhapsody song. This is why I decided to make the bat in the first place.

With the help from the sticky tape, start to stick down a piece in a straight line around the bat. Start from just below the second "O" of GOOD NIGHT. Above the tape you have stuck down you can use a black pen and start to write down the Lyrics around the bat. Once the first line is written down you can go over it with the engraver. Do not go in a spiral shape around the bat. Do the rest of the lyrics line by line up to the bottom of the "T" of "NIGHT". From the bottom of the "T" you can start spiraling the lyrics down the bat until you reach the top of the diamond engraving on the handle.

I did not get all the lyrics in but luckily managed to finish a full sentience at the end. This is why it is important to use a pen first and then engrave.

Step 7: Some Final Touches

I decided to add the diamond shapes and the "HA-HAs" at the top because there was a big open space and the strikes I added randomly over the lyrics.

Step 8: Photo Time

I'm very happy with the outcome.

If you decide to do this project please post a link to it in the comment section. I would love to see someone else’s point of view on this.

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See you on the flip side!!!

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