Introduction: Harrier

About: Paper airplane designer. Aviation Enthusiast.

This is a paper airplane modelling the Hawker Siddely Harrier, the first V/STOL fighter. It was used by the RAF during the Falklands war, and is a quite successful, if dated, carrier aircraft. This airplane has anhedral, so it requires careful trimming. Enjoy!

Step 1: First Folds

Fold in half lengthwise, and then fold the corners down to the middle. Fold in half widthways and unfold. Fold down halfway between this fold and the corners of the top triangle and then fold up at the triangle corners.

Step 2: Next...

Fold the top edges of the triangle to the centre, pull the corners outward, and then tuck these flaps into/under themselves.Then fold the wing crease, which starts at the crook in the L/E where the sweep degree changes.Repeat on other side.

Step 3: From Nose to Tail

Fold the nose back 4 cm from the tip,then on the other side and then on the inside. Then hold the airplane so that the wings are flat on a surface, and the fuselage is on one side.(as in the picture) Fold the tail up, starting where the wing L/E comes out from the fuselage, and crease on the other side. Then fold it up on the inside. You can finish here, tape it up, and add anhedral, it'll still look quite harrier-ish, but fly much better. If not, then carry on.

Step 4: Get Your Scissors

Cut the tail as in the images, add anhedral, (the wings form an upside down "v" when viewed from the back) and tape where you see black marks. Enjoy!