Harry Potter Glasses




Introduction: Harry Potter Glasses

This has a video that shows how to make the famous harry potter glasses.

Instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7s03GYG980 Please subscribe for more

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you will need to do this build is semi thick soldiering wire, pliers, and masking tape.

Step 2: Cut Wire

For this build you will need 4 pieces of wire that are equal length "6.5" to "7" inches

Step 3: Form the Lens

To do this you need to use 2 wires and make them into circles that are "1.75" wide and "1.75" tall

Step 4: Put the 2 Pieces Together

For this step you will need the 2 lenses and some masking tape to bend and form and add the tape on as a look that harry had before they were fixed. You can put the 2 pieces as close as you want so that they will fit you.

Step 5: Finishing It Up

For this step you will grab the other 2 wires and Bend them like so in the picture. You can also bend them so they will fit you. If the specie are to small then cut 2 more longer ones. When you bend the 90 Degree angle you can use the edge of a table to get a clean look.

Step 6: The Last Step

For this step you will need the 2 pieces hat were just bent, then lenses, masking tape. You want to get a small strip of masking tape and rip/cut it in half horizontally. Next you will wrap each piece away from each other on one side of the lens. Then twist one of the 2 bent pieces onto the edge in between each piece of tape to that it stays on and can bend in and out like glasses. Then all you have to do is repeat that step on the other side of the lens. great job you are done. :)

Don't Forget To Cut Off any extra pieces hanging off of it.

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