Introduction: Harry Potter Hogwarts House Bookmark

This is a Harry potter themed bookmark you can do everything I am doing in an any 2 colors you like but I suggest you use the Hogwarts house colors.


For making this book mark you will need any 2 color papers from the Hogwarts houses such as

-green and silver(Slytherin)

-bronze and blue(Ravenclaw)

-red and yellow(Gryffindor)

-yellow and black(Hufflepuff)




-glue stick

-clear tape.

Step 1: Starting the Bookmark

First take four 1cm wide paper strips (2 of each color) and approximately 33cm long. For this I am doing red and yellow. Glue two colors together to form a 90 degree angle like the picture above.

Step 2: Adding the Yellow Strips

Put Glue on the tips of the yellow strips, then stick them on to the red strips so they are parallel as shown above.

Step 3: Starting to Weave the Paper Together

You have to make one of the red sides parallel to one of the yellow strips by folding it inwards so it looks like the picture do this again on the other red strip. Then make one of the yellow strips parallel to the other red strip so it looks like the second picture. Just keep doing this until you reach a length which you are happy with.

Step 4: Finishing the Weave

First flip the bookmark, you should see figure 1. Then take the yellow strip that is underneath the other yellow strip and fold that yellow strip so it looks like the second picture. Then do that to the other yellow strip. Now take the red strip that is on top of the other red strip and fold it on top of the yellow strip so it looks like the third picture. Do this for the other red strip. Now tape all of it down with clear tape. Finally cut of all the paper that goes out of bounds of the bookmark.

Step 5: How It Should Look Like

Thanks for reading this. Please show me how yours turned out . This is my first instructable. I hope you liked it.

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