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Introduction: Harvest Vs Halloween Pumpkin Cake

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This cake is a deceiving one. One side is a beautiful pumpkin harvest cake perfect for any Fall table, and the other side is a spooky Halloween cake. In this video I show you how to make this gorgeous pumpkin cake filled with a sprinkle surprise!

You'll Need:

1 or 2, 6 inch cakes (I used 1 carrot cake)

Orange Frosting (I used cream cheese frosting)

Fondant: Plenty of orange, some brown, a little bit of yellow.

Fondant ball tool

Small slanted spatula

knives for carving details

Fondant Leaves >See tutorial-

Step 1: Carving

Start off by dividing the cake into two layers. You can make two which will then create 4 layers for a taller pumpkin Then fill the layers with your preferred buttercream.

Begin carving small notches off of the top of the cake that are a couple of inches apart. Then carve the bottom of the cake going inward to create a curve as seen in picture 3. From here you can carve more notches into your cake as seen fit, then coat in a thin layer of frosting.

Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Optional: Carve a whole into the middle of the cake and coat with frosting.

Step 2: Pumpkin Things

To create plenty of curvature without removing too much cake, build the frosting onto the sides of the cake Then slowly and patiently with a slanted spatula create curves and creases. If needed refrigerate for 15 minutes at a time to allow the frosting to be more 'carvable' so to speak.

When the cake has completed chilled, carve your jack o lantern face onto one side of the pumpkin. Refrigerate until solid.

Step 3: Coming to Life

Roll out a large piece of orange fondant (large enough to cover entire cake). Use your hands to smooth the fondant onto the cake and use fondant tools or similar to push fondant into the grooves of the cake. Also use tools or fingers to push the fondant into the face you carved.

Push the fondant into the top of the cake and fill the hole with candies or sprinkles.

Step 4: Features

Optional: Airbrush the grooves and features of the cake with brown food dye. You can also dust with brown petal dust.

Fill the eyes and mouth with light orange or yellow fondant to create a carved look.

Roll a thick log of brown fondant to put on top of the cake. Pull the base of the stem outward and onto the cake. Use a knife or fondant tools to create grain lines in the stem. Twist the stem while pulling outward to create a natural look then remove excess.

Step 5: Hey Harvest. Hey Halloween.

Airbrush or paint the inside of the mouth and eyes with black food color (leaving out a small portion of the eyes, see picture 1).

Create fondant leaves by using various fondant colors, marbling them together and using leaf shaped cutters. See video>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc9sI5gEy-A

When the leaves have dried surround the blank side of the pumpkin with fondant leaves and place a couple on top.

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    The Juliart
    The Juliart

    2 years ago

    Very cute! Would make a great gift!