Introduction: Haunt Your House With Window Monsters!

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It's October, which means it’s time to haunt your house! If you want a fun Halloween DIY with a small time commitment and big impact, you can make yourself some window monsters in just an afternoon! We get SO many compliments from people walking by and trick or treaters on these. They are so fun and super easy to make!

The best things about this DIY are that literally anyone can do it, and precision is not at all required. With just a good piece of cardboard and a few other easily accessible materials, you can haunt your house with some Halloween window monsters!


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Cardboard (old cardboard box or foam board will do)

Thick sharpie -

Box cutter -

Black spray paint -

Drop cloth -

Cellophane or tissue paper -

Craft glue -

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Step 1: Draw Your Monster Design on Cardboard.

The GREAT thing about this DIY is that precision is NOT needed. There’s no wrong way to draw a monster, and even if it does look a little “childish,” that’s actually fine! Keep in mind that the longevity of your monster is dependent on selecting the right piece of cardboard.

Grab cardboard and a thick sharpie and follow these steps:

1. Select the right cardboard, ideally a piece that has as few folds as possible.

Note: for smaller monsters, foam board works really well. For larger monsters, a box from an appliance or other heavy duty item is ideal.

2. Google for inspiration to find a monster design you want to imitate.

3. Draw the outline of the monster on your cardboard.

Note: If you’re working on a larger piece and want to avoid indentations on the cardboard from your knees, you can kneel on a thin board, which will distribute your weight. We didn’t worry about this but wanted to share.

4. Don’t worry about making corrections like making the bottom wider, adding in arms, adding spikes, etc. Any extra lines will be covered when you paint it black anyway.

5. Once you’re happy with your monster drawing, you can move on to the next step!

Step 2: Cut Out Your Monster

Now your window monster will really start to take shape! Before you begin, keep safety top of mind! Always be cognizant of where the blade of the box cutter is in relations to you and your fingers.

Grab a box cutter and follow these steps:

1. Cut out your monster, following the general shape of your outline.

NOTE: Be careful to not bend the cardboard as you’re trying to cut through it completely. The fewer bends you make in the monster, the longer it will hold up.

2. Cut out all parts of the monster, including holes for the eyes.

3. Save the eye cutouts for later.

Step 3: Paint Your Monster

Once your monster is all cutout, it’s time to paint it! We’ve found that black, flat spray paint works well for this.

Grab a can of spray paint and a drop cloth and follow these steps:

1. Find a well-ventilated area to paint your monster. We went outside in the yard.

2. Lay down a drop cloth or something else to protect the surface you’re working on.

3. Paint the entire front of the monster.

4. Paint around the edges and ensure that there are no light spot on the body.

Note: Cardboard tends to soak up paint, so you may use more than you think.

5. Let dry according to the instructions on your paint can.

Step 4: Decorate the Eyes

This is totally optional, but it adds some color to your monsters!

Gather the following materials: colored translucent paper or cellophane, scrap cardboard, sharpie, packing tape, craft glue.

Follow these steps:

1. Cut your see-thru paper or cellophane so it overlaps the eye holes. Again, precision isn’t necessary here.

2. Tape the tissue paper in place.

Note: if your tissue paper is quite thin, you may want to tape all across the tissue paper to add more rigidity in the opening.

3. Cut scrap cardboard in small circles to make the pupils for the eyes.

4. Use sharpie to color the pupils black.

5. Glue the pupils to the tissue paper.

Step 5: Repeat to Fill Your Windows (and Have a Happy Halloween!)

Once you have your monster, you can now relegate it to the window for all to enjoy! Don’t forget to make a few more to give it some friends and fill the rest of your windows. 🙂

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Happy Halloween!

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