Introduction: Head Board

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This os a VERY Easy to do bed top or head board for a single individual bed. It has 1,20x1,20 meters of pure pine !!! Let's see how it's done.

Step 1: Planks

First I cut 8 planks of 1,20 mts by 10 cm band a pair of 2by2 same of 1,20 mts, lil sanding and that's it.

Step 2: Buid

As u can see just put together all the 8 planks Between the 2by2 and get crazy with the glue and nails.

Step 3: Done With Build

Once you have all planks in place. Just a like sanding get it softer and get ready to stain

Step 4: Stain

I choose this dark chocolate or wengue or caobilla or whatever you wanna call it hahaa

Step 5: Final

I use a simple masking tape just to make a couple of lines on one side of the head board and painted with silver spray

I did to is these because it's for a client and she has two kids so..... We're done. Use a couple of angle to fit it on the wall then put the bed in front and VOILA !!!

Thank you.