Introduction: Headphone Wireless Charging Hack

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In this tutorial I am going to show you, how you can add wireless charging to your headphones!

No more fideling around with cables and plugging in the headphones!

Step 1: The Electronics

All you will need is a wireless charging kit and a mini usb plug (or whatever plug your headphones have got)!

You can find the charging kit here:

For the mini usb plug simply find an old cable and cut them off or buy them here:

Step 2: Creating the Base Plates

In order to hang your headphones and create an attachable charger you will need some kind of baseplate.

Find some 2 or 3 mm thick acrylic sheets of any color. Cut out the shapes you see above using a saw or a lasercutter.

Using a little lighter heat up the edges and bend them into the desired shape. You can see how in the video.

Step 3: Finishing the Charging Plug

In the first picture you can see the raw cut baseplate and the receiver coil. The receiver coil has a 5V USB output.

Connect its output to the mini USB plug - usually the mini USB plug has a red cable (+) and a black one (-) .

Glue the receiver coil and the mini USB plug to the bent baseplate, paint it black and you're done with the attachable charger plug!

Step 4: Additional Equipment for the Basestation

Attach the emitter coil to the basestation's wing with the help of some hotglue.

In order to turn the whole thing on and off I added a simple toggle switch on the bottom.

I also decided to add a micro switch, which activates the charging coil only when the headphones are hanging in the base station.

You can find both switches here:

Now you can connect the emitter coil to a USB cable or add your own 5V power source.

Step 5: Finished Base Station With Headphones

Now we're done.

Here's the video explaining some more details.

How it works:

Plug the charger into your wireless headphones.

Hang it onto the base station.

The momentary switch closes the circuit between the On switch, emitter coil and the power source.

The emitter coil emits an alternating magnetic field and induces voltage in the charger coil.

The charger coil emits 5V and charges your headphones!

If there are any questions left take a look here:

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