Introduction: Headphone Organizer (Silly Solution)

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The problem:

Everybody is familiar with the situation when you want to go out and take your in-ear headphones with you. Most of the times you open your drawer and find tangled headphone cables, so you must untangle them in order find a pair that you can take with you. This is pretty annoying and time-consuming.

The idea:

My idea is based on the way how fire hoses are dried after they were used. Wet hoses are hung up unreeled and side-by-side in a high tower to let all water flow out. So, headphones can be mounted in the same way to keep them untangled. That will also increase the lifespan of your headphones because the cables don’t always bend in different directions while untangling them (sometimes in a state of anger or hurry, which can result in breaking them). Another positive effect is that you always know where your headphones are and which ones you have

Step 1: Build the Clip

Create a zylinder with a height of 8mm and a diameter of 6mm. Increase the sides to 64. Create a secound tube as a cut. The cut tube has also a height of 8mm. The diameter should be 3,4mm. Take the ruler and put it at the left bottom corner of the orange tube. Now we can calculate the middle position of the cut tube.

diameter of the outer tube / 2 - diameter cut tube / 2 = distance from the left bottom corner to the cut center

6mm/2 - 3,4mm/2 = 1,3mm

Create a group of those two parts. The next step is to create the cut which should hold the cable. Create a cut cube with the height of 8mm, a width of 2mm and a length of 11mm. Now we also use the same calculation formula to find the middle position for the cube.

6mm/2 - 2mm/2 = 2mm

Now also group these two parts.

Step 2: Mounting Part

Use the clip we’ve just created and copy it as many times as you want. Create a square with a height of 5mm and a length of 10mm. Make sure that you position the square thoroughly in the clip, so that it doesn't look out in the front but supports the clips so that they don't fall off. Group the parts together.

Now we finished the part design and you can 3D print your own headphone organizer

Step 3: Mounting

You need a clean corner where to put the headphone organizer, maybe a closet in your room. Now comes the tricky part, in my case I used hot glue to fix the part permanently to my closet, but maybe you don’t want that. I can say that not many people will look at the top of my closet, and when you want to remove this organizer from your closet, nobody will notice a little remaining hot glue.

I also tried double-sided sticky tape, but after a month or so the part fell off. Also, I tried different tapes but none of them really worked, so I decided to try hot glue. Since January 2019 the hot glue method hasn't failed.

Step 4: Conclusion

This little part changed my life. Really no joke. I'm so happy to have this thing because now I don't have to untangle the cables when I'm in a hurry. For example: I can go in my room go to the back of my closet and take the headphones in secounds. Hence, I have a perfectly organized drawer without tangled headphone cables. I hope you enjoyed this instractable and enjoy building it. Use the comments to let me know what you think or if you have any questions! Thank you for reading





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