Introduction: Healthy Arduino

Sometime ago read an Internet article about number of steps per day for healthy life.

according to it we should take 10000 steps per day for healthy life. so i am making this easy build project with Arduino 101. once you power on the arduino and put it inside your pocket or tie it on your arm ,with help of Interial Monitoring Device (IMU) which is composed by an accelerometer and a gyroscope, which measure orientation and angular velocity. The IMU is capable of precisely identify the orientation and the movement of the object to which it is attached after an initial calibration procedure. This example does not need to know the orientation or rotational speed of the board, it only needs the angular velocity, meaning that just the accelerometer of the IMU is used. In this example, the accelerometer detects when there is a significant change in the X, Y, and Z axes' velocity, relative to their resting state and this is interpreted as a step. The sketch uses the accelerometer and the CurieImu library to detect steps App inventor based app on your android mobile will keep track of number of steps by user and show it on screen.

Step 1: Hardware Needed

you need

A :- Arduino 101 is the first widely available development board based on the tiny, low-power Intel Curie module. Easy to use and affordable, Arduino 101 is ideal for education environments, makers and embedded developers. Incorporated as part of Arduino's physical computing course, Arduino101 is designed to build students' technology skillsets through hands on projects in coding, collaborating and making.

B :- 9V Battery work as power source for arduino

C :- 9v snap connector plug connect battery to arduino with ease

Step 2: Software Apps and Services

A :-Arduino IDE , will be used to program arduino 101.

B :- StepCount1.ino file to upload on arduino , you can download it from files in this page.

C :- HealthyArduino.apk file to install app on your arduino. you can download it from files in this page.

Note :- In case you want to edit app open MIT app Inventor and import "HealthyArduino.aia" .you can download it from files in this page.

Step 3: Working

now just open file "StepCount1.ino" and upload it on arduino 101

and install the app on your android smartphone with "HealthyArduino.apk" file

power on the arduino by connecting it with battery and put it inside your pocket.

open the installed app and click on select device

select arduino from list

now fill the number of steps you want to take in a day and click set Today Aim

now as you walk step counter will show you steps covered till then.

you need not to always keep opening the app .u just close it if not necessary and keep arduino power on.

whenever you want to know the number of steps covered just open the app and connect it with arduino ,app will show you latest updated number of steps covered by you.

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