Introduction: Healthy Butter

Love the Taste of Butter But Make Lower Calorie Whipped Butter.

Step 1:

Love the taste of butter? Have the taste but cut your calories in half.

This Instructable is so simple I think the pictures are unnecessary.

Sit a pound of butter on the counter & let it soften until it is easy to whip it. With a mixer whip it just enough to see beater marks in all of the butter, then slowly add low fat buttermilk. If you aren't a fan of buttermilk don't worry about it. I don't particularily care for buttermilk unless I'm using it to make biscuits. Just slowly beat in buttermilk until you can't add any more. You will only be able to add 1/3 or 1/2 to your volume of butter.

This is the reverse of making butter. When you make butter you squeeze out the buttermilk. Here you are adding liquid, beating buttermilk in.

The final result must be refrigerated or the liquid will separate from the butter. The best part isn't that you have cut the calories yet kept the flavor of butter but that you have easily spread whipped butter. You have just made lower calorie whipped butter. I also find since I can spread this spread thin I do use less fat.

More exact (instructions above are just fine) instructions for those who want it.

The first picture is of whipped butter I've left on the counter overnight.

Second picture is the buttermilk being beaten into butter. For 2 sticks of butter used about 6 tablespoons of buttermilk.

Third picture shows how it looks after finished. The butter is more fluffy after the liquid is beaten.


Step 2: Healthy Butter

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