Healthy Frozen Dessert Sticks

Introduction: Healthy Frozen Dessert Sticks

Yes, it is a Healthy Yummy Frozen Dessert on a stick. It is a good party dessert.

Just few Ingredients and FREEEZE... The sticks are done..

A twist to the Raw way of Cooking...

Step 1: Ingredients

Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup

Banana - 1/2

Carrot - 1

Raisin - 10 (or Dates)

Flax Meal (Ground Flax seed) - 2 Tsp

Lollipop Sticks/Chop Sticks

Equipment Required:

Mixer/GrinderFood Processor/ Chopper


Step 2: Flax Flour

In a Mixer/Grinder put the Flax seed. Grind till fine.

Step 3: Prepare the Mix 1

In a chopper/ Food Processor add the raisin, Flax Meal and Grated Carrot. Pulse it and each time scrapes the sides down. Pulse it till the mix comes together as a dough. It should stick with each other.

Step 4: Prepare Mix 2

Slice the banana. In a Blender add the sliced Banana and Grated Coconut. Blend it till they come together with a light grainy texture.

Step 5: Lollipops Stick

Place the Mix 1 and Mix 2 as you like on the Lollipop Sticks. With your hand place the Mix about the stick and press them tightly so that they stay on the stick.

I made them as a cap of one mix on another..

Step 6: Freeze

Now keep the sticks in an Air tight Container. Freeze it for 1.5 to 2 Hours till they are strong. Serve it right away because it the Freezing that keeps them tightly onto the stick.

Enjoy the Frozen No cook Dessert.... A twist to the Raw way of Cooking.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! Thanks for the Instructable, looks tasty. I was wondering about just rolling it all together after you mix each of the two parts. Have you tried that? Or perhaps it gets gooey and weird and doesn't freeze right...

    mile stone
    mile stone

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the comment ... :) Yes we can do that. After freezing banana is a good agent to hold it.... It actually gives the ice cream texture to the whole thing... :)