Introduction: Healthy Frozen Dessert Sticks

Yes, it is a Healthy Yummy Frozen Dessert on a stick. It is a good party dessert.

Just few Ingredients and FREEEZE... The sticks are done..

A twist to the Raw way of Cooking...

Step 1: Ingredients

Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup

Banana - 1/2

Carrot - 1

Raisin - 10 (or Dates)

Flax Meal (Ground Flax seed) - 2 Tsp

Lollipop Sticks/Chop Sticks

Equipment Required:

Mixer/GrinderFood Processor/ Chopper


Step 2: Flax Flour

In a Mixer/Grinder put the Flax seed. Grind till fine.

Step 3: Prepare the Mix 1

In a chopper/ Food Processor add the raisin, Flax Meal and Grated Carrot. Pulse it and each time scrapes the sides down. Pulse it till the mix comes together as a dough. It should stick with each other.

Step 4: Prepare Mix 2

Slice the banana. In a Blender add the sliced Banana and Grated Coconut. Blend it till they come together with a light grainy texture.

Step 5: Lollipops Stick

Place the Mix 1 and Mix 2 as you like on the Lollipop Sticks. With your hand place the Mix about the stick and press them tightly so that they stay on the stick.

I made them as a cap of one mix on another..

Step 6: Freeze

Now keep the sticks in an Air tight Container. Freeze it for 1.5 to 2 Hours till they are strong. Serve it right away because it the Freezing that keeps them tightly onto the stick.

Enjoy the Frozen No cook Dessert.... A twist to the Raw way of Cooking.

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