Introduction: Healthy Home Remedy

This is where I will teach you how to make a remedy

Step 1: Getting Started

Frist get a pot and full it up with water,(how much water you want) 

Step 2: Ingredients

Get Ginger, Garlic, Lemon or lime

Step 3: Cutting

Now Cut your Lemon, or Lime. Peel and crush your garlic and using a knife cut the skin off your Ginger

Step 4: Back to the Pot

Ok if your water is now bubbling ( boiling) with all your ingredients in it. Turn the stove off and take a pot cover and put it over the pot to let it steam

Step 5: Now Wait

Okay as your water is steaming, do whatever. When I say do whatever I mean cleanup your kitchen not go on Tik Tok and completely forget about my remedy.

Step 6: You Are All Finished

Okay now that the remedy is all cooled down you can drink it. BUT you first have to take the lemon, garlic and ginger out. I am also dong a part to so stay tuned.

Step 7: Part 2

If you have a blender in your house get it. If you don't have enough water to use you should boil some more. Okay now get your left over lime or lemon, garlic and ginger and your boiled water and put it in a blender.

Step 8: Its Time to Blend

Ok you have to blend all the ingredients for 10 seconds

Step 9: What It Should Look Like

After you blend it should look like that. You can now pour it out of the blender and place the remedy in a Jug or pour out some and drink.

Step 10: Bye

Ok this is where we part ways. The remedy is now finished you can take a teaspoon of it everyday.