Introduction: Healthy LOW CALORIE Dish ❤ Pizza-style Zucchini Recipe!!

Hey guys!! Today I bring you a super simple and healthy recipe that is a perfect option for a light dinner.

You will need:

100 gr of zucchini

Some tomato sauce

Some cherry tomatoes

50 gr of tuna

Some spices, I chose oregano and garlic

And some grated cheese

First, cut the zucchini in little squares and put them in a plate. Add some cherry tomatoes, and cover everything with the tomato sauce. For my topping I chose tuna but you can use any ingredient you like.

Put it in the microwave or regular oven for 7 minutes at high heat.
Finally add your cheese and spices and as an optional a step, I recommend grilling it for a couple of minutes that will give that pizza style baked texture.

And that is it! This is the perfect dinner when you want something fast and yummy but still healthy. Thanks for watching!!