Healthy and Tasty Wheat Dosa

Introduction: Healthy and Tasty Wheat Dosa

How to create Healthy and Tasty Wheat Dosas

Step 1: Step 1:How to Prepare Batter?


1.Wheat Flour - 1 cup

2.Water - 3 cups

3.Cumin seeds /Jeeragam(Tamil)- 1 teaspoon

4.salt - as required

5.Onion - 1 or 2 chopped

6.Curry leaves - as required

Preparation of batter:

To prepare the batter mix the wheat and water well and add cumin seeds and also add onion and curry leaves and salt as required.

Step 2: Step 2:Tools Required to Make Beautiful Dosa


1.Dosa Tava

2.Wooden stick

3.Folk with onion

Step 3: Step 3:Make Dosas


1.Firstly use the onion on the fork to rub on the surface of dosa tawa and pour the batter on to the dosa tawa and pour some oil.

2.And let it become golden and if we can take it from dosa tawa without sticking then it is cooked on the other side.

3.And then add some oil on the other side and make sure it is golden brown on the other side.

4.And tada your dosa is ready to serve with sambar or chutney

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    Those look yummy :)