Introduction: Heart Hangers

These paper heart shaped hangers are great for decorating door knobs, trees, gifts, and much more. They can be customized to any size or color of heart you want depending on the paper you use.


  • Colored Paper
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Colored Yarn

Step 1: Mark and Cut Paper

Select three different colored papers of your choice: I used white, red, and then drew a heart pattern for my third color.

Then lay them out vertically (portrait orientation) and mark 1” width strips on each color of paper.

The lengths of each strip varies by 2 inches. Each heart requires two strips from each color so 6 strips total. For the first 2 strips, I used white and made them 11” long. Then I used red for my second strips and I made them 7” long. For my final color strip I used the heart pattern and made them 5” long.

After they have been marked cut them out.

Step 2: Make Hook for Heart

Use another colored piece of paper and make strips that are 1" width by 4" length.

Then fold them in half.

Step 3: Assemble the Top of the Heart

To assemble the heart you have to sandwich the strips together.

Working from the center out, start with 1 folded hook (one of the hooks from step 2). Then sandwich it between two of your 11" strips (in my case the white strips). Then sandwich the hook and 11" strips between two 7" strips (in my case the red strips). Then sandwich the hook, 11" strips, and 7" strips with the 5" strips (in my case the heart pattern strips).

If you laid them out correctly this should be your order from left to right:

  • 5" strip, 7" strip, 11" strip, hook, 5" strip, 7" strip, 11" strip

After they are all sandwiched together in the right order, staple them at the bottom.

Step 4: Assemble the Bottom of the Heart

Then pull down each strip from the outside in, to create the shape of a heart.

After they're all pulled down, staple them at the bottom.

Step 5: Attaching the String to the Heart

Then cut some yarn, I cut mine to 10" and put it through the hook in the center of your heart. Then knot off the yarn to your desired length.

Step 6: Hanging Your Hearts

You're now ready to give out you're hearts to your friends or hang your hearts through out your house.

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