Introduction: Heart Light

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Heart Light Circuit with PCB from Stariver Circuit.

Step 1: Step 1 Design Circuit

Kit description

Supply voltage: 4- 5.5V

This kit contains 32 LED lights arranged in a heart-shaped pattern, the LED lights are driven by the IO port of the microcontroller (active low level); the program controls the high and low levels of the IO port so that the LED lights are off or on, forming various effects Especially at night, it is very dynamic. The viewing effect is more vivid and interesting from 2 meters away.

Circuit principle

This circuit is divided into four parts on the schematic diagram, the minimum system circuit, power supply circuit, download interface and heart-shaped lamp circuit; connect the power supply, press the S1 switch, the microcontroller starts to work, 32 IO ports each have a series current limiting resistor and LED, which light is on and which corresponds to the IO port is low level, these are under program control.

Step 2: Step 2 Produce the Printed Circuit Board

I sent my PCB design to Stariver Circuit, a well-known PCB manufacturer in China. Their product is in good quality and has a reasonable price.

Step 3: Step 3 Welding Circuit


the quantity of components against the list before installation. Be sure to pay attention to the device parameters and polarity when soldering. Do not install it incorrectly. Solder according to the schematic diagram and the mark marked on the circuit board. Pay attention to soldering resistance first, then chip, electrolytic capacitor, triode, etc. (The components are welded from the small volume, and then the large ones).

Installation instructions: Pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the light-emitting diodes and electrolytic capacitors, and the long feet are positive. When the MCU base is installed, the U port corresponds to the U port on the circuit board. The J3 download interface is not installed.

Two ways of power supply: 1. J2 input can be connected to power supply or battery box. 2.J1 input is powered by audio plug data cable