Introduction: How to Quickly Realize the Mosaic Design in AD / Protel

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In PCB design, we often use assembly, how to achieve rapid assembly?
The following methods are introduced; Click here to make your own PCB board:

The way of assembling in Altium / Protel

The so-called assembly is actually to assemble a single board into a large board, leaving the technological spacing of V-CUT, technological edge, stamp hole, etc., and place the fixed hole and optical positioning point. Before, there were many netizens who made a complete copy of the board. In fact, there was no need to copy the board and frame as required.

Step 1: Example: a Single Board, 1-piece, 4-piece Will Be Used for Demonstration.

As shown in the figure, the size of single board is 62 * 39mm.

Step 2: Check the Board and Frame to Start the Assembly

This place should consider the direction of the interface on the board, and avoid the situation of the interface welding device against the card when assembling!

Step 3: Add Fixing Holes and Optical Positioning Points on the Process Side and Process Side

Generally, the width of the process side is 5mm! The fixing hole is a non-metallic through hole with a diameter of 3mm.

So we've finished the assembly of the board 报错