Introduction: Heart Note

What says Love like a Heart note?!

Step 1: Write Your Letter

Before folding, write your letter. Personalized.

Step 2: Fold 90 Degrees

Fold the Right side at right angle. Make a good crease.

Then Fold the Left side at right angle.

Step 3: Press in the Middle

Fold the middle of the paper in like an accordion or sandwich. Press it all down.

Step 4: Fold Up the Corners

Take each corner on each side up to the middle corner.

Step 5: Flip Paper

Flip the Paper over and then fold the top corner down.

Step 6: Fold in Sides

Fold in the Right and Left sides.

Step 7: Fold Up the Bottom

Fold up the bottom. The bottom of the paper should be folded up to touch the bottom of the downward corner.

Step 8: Fold in Bottom Corners

Fold in the Bottom Left and Right corner and tuck them into the downward corner.

Step 9: Fold in Top Points

Fold in Top Points at an angle. Make sure the angle matches so the top of the heart is equal. Tuck them into the downward corner. Once you do that, you are done! Heart note complete!